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plastic parts. Beginning its mass production only with a few number of small injection molding machines ,with Good’s boons and inexhaustible efforts of the management as well as the staff , the s.p.k co. is now honored to claim that one of the largest plastic injection sets in Middle –East with a capacity to produce parts weighing 30kgs has been installed and operated in the company since 2009.
S.P.K co . is also proud to have continuous cooperation with well-known automotive firms in Iran such as Saipa group and Iran Khodro Diesel .
Other products.
1. Garbage bins which have mechanized urban servitudes in municipalities and also can be utilized in hospitals and public places.
2. Largest one-shot plastic pallets in middle –East, to be used in petro – chemical companies and industrial factories.
3. Different models of industrial boxes .
4. Various types of hospital, subway and stadium seats.

It's worth mentioning that the company has recently attained the prize of the paramount young producer in the third related festival held in 2008 and from the reverent minister of industries and mines, Mr. Mehrabian .

□ Laboratory
The company is equipped with a state –of the art laboratory in which different types of tests on plastic parts can be preformed using the following equipment.
- The MFI apparatus to determine the flow temperature of molten materials in polymers.
- The impact apparatus to determine the breakage resistivity under pressure and according to performance standards.
- The control point fixture for pride 132 consol and grille.
□ Standards:
In 2002, the company was awarded the ISO 9001: 2000 certificate by RWTÜV Germany in recognition of its efforts in establishing a quality management system. The certificate was updated to its latest version, ISO 9001 : 2008 in 2008 with the same CB . The management is also committed to implement the particular requirement of ISO/TS 16949 till 2011 .
□ International certificates:
- UNIDO'S citation as the paramount young producer in Iran in 2009.
S.P.K is one of the largest companies in Iran active in the field of injection molding of automotive industrial and household plastic parts.
Parts weighing from 100gr to 30kg Can be produced using fully automatic
LG and Krauss Maffei machines ranging 90 to 2500 tons clamping pressure . All types of commodity and engineering plastic , reinforced or unreinforced such as PP , PE , ABS/PC ,PC,PA and POM can be produced in the company with the utilization of current modern technology as well as the experienced and knowledgeable workforce .

Versatility in product shape and size is exemplified by recently manufactured sensitive and precise bespoke products which include Peugeot 206 bumper, pride 132 grille and consol, Rio LS
Grille – assay – FRT – BPR, pride132 front bumper and Saba GTX front and rear bumper.

Others products
Others products:

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